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Since 1950, we build the Future

About Us

Montanari Costruzioni offers a full service in the construction sector for residential, industrial, commercial, religious and multifunctional buildings. The company’s workforce and technicians are highly professionalized, in order to guarantee quality in every aspect.

Tradition and innovation

The work of Montanari Costruzioni is based on its main assets: 65 years of activity, highly trained technicians and workforce, that are skilled in the building art and that allow to develop a project of innovation and control of the processes from their planning to the phases of production, realisation and assistance. The company also cooperate directly with technicians and top firms in the national and European market. Today the company realises technologically innovative residential buildings, all certified as passive, active and NZEB buildings, assuring high standards of eco-friendliness, energetic saving, comfort and modern architectonic designs.

The Montanari Brand

Beyond energetic saving, into a new dimension
made of comfort and residential wellness

Earthquake-proof structural safety, with elevated standards

Architecture enriched by design, for a contemporary result

Higly performing and insulated casing, to avoid energetic dispersion

Zero soil consumption

Zero emissions of polluting substances in the external environment

Zero incoming pollution, with abatement of the PM10

Zero requirement of primary energy from source fossil

Solar energy

Indoor air quality, thanks to the VMC system and its filters, assuring health and hygiene for the occupants

Visual comfort the broad glass surfaces guarantee a high level of autonomy through natural light

High acoustic comfort: the broad glass surfaces guarantee a high level of autonomy through natural light

Green habitat, designed following a modern concept of landscape

Passive House Certification

Active House Certification

A4 Certification for the Near Zero Energetic Consumption (NZEB)

Multi-Comfort Qualification

A whole house right on your smartphone

A continuous challenge in the field of search and innovation applied to the buildings and to the smart management of the “home system”, thanks to the connection between the modern communication devices and the building’s integrated systems, to make every component’s management flexible and dynamic. All of this in order to live with emotion and pleasure every space, with the great advantage and ease of interacting in every moment with the place of work and living.

Green, the vital element

Zero soil consumption

Our modern interpretation of building has always embraced the idea of not consuming soil, avoiding to take it from its natural environmental and agricultural vocation. At our eyes, green is not just a building’s embellishment, but, according to our idea of eco-friendly building, it represents a part of the construction itself and is studied since the first phases by our architects, in harmony and symbiosis with both the building and the surrounding context.

At our customers’ service

We put at our customers’ service our years-long
experience and technical-executive knowledge.

Thanks to our skills, professionality and organisation, we aim to represent a unique point of reference for every kind of building work, with a sartorial approach, giving attention to every detail in order to reach harmony and emotion.

By doing so we guarantee the whole productive process in a responsible and professional way, with the goal of delivering a high-quality product.

 We developed a direct partnership with top firm in the national and European market, in order to improve our workforce’s skills, exchanging information and building synergies. This allows our partners to obtain suggestions and improve their services and products, and our workforce to gain awareness in the installation of these firms’ product, with a greater reliability for the customers.



Our services:

Building interventions: residential, commercial, industrial

Realisation of highly energetically efficient passive houses, certified by PHI-ITA and AHI

Restructuring and structural rehabilitation of existing buildings

Renovation of attached properties

Complete or partial intern restauration

Buildings’ energetic renovation

Interventions of seismic adjustment and improvement

Reinforced concrete’s reconditioning

Regular maintenance

Assistance for the various bureaucratic and fiscal procedures

Feasibility studies according to the customer’s needs

Study of arrangements and furniture for the customisation of the spaces

The certifications attesting our work’s quality

The company appears in the white list of the Prefecture of Parma.

The reliability of our working method and the quality we offer to our customers have been rewarded with the following certification:

Since 1988, included in the Builders National Register and SOA’s Certification for building and restructuring works, in the OG1 category, class VI

Since 2009, the company has been certified by ICMQ according the norm ISO 9001

The obtaining of the SOA’s Certification for the OG2 category for the renovation and the maintenance of estates submitted to guardianship to the senses of the dispositions in subject of cultural and environmental goods is currently ongoing.