Edificio NZEB Casa sul Parco Fidenza

Residence Dublino

Unique and original residence in the downtown, placed at the first floor of a contemporary building and surrounded by a one-of-a-kind hanging garden.

Its day room overlooks the terrace and the private hanging garden. The roomy and comfortable kitchen overlooks Parco delle Rimembranze and can be divided from the living room by a sliding glass door.

There are 3 bedrooms: a bridal suite, with a walk-in closet and a private bathroom, and 2 large single rooms.

The residence has a beautiful balcony/dehor next to the living room, with a wooden floor and suitable for being covered with tends, so to host a dining space or a relax zone.

The exclusive hanging garden gives unicity to an already unique residence and is part of a dedicated project, both for the green and the artistic night lighting, with low-consumption lights: at dusk, the light effects enchant the external spaces and create a lovely atmosphere.

The green areas are equipped with an irrigation system and a lawn-mower robot.

The garages

The residences’ garages are at the ground floor and can be reached from the common stairs, through a corridor closed by a safety door. The gateways are tilting and have a zinc-coated and enamelled plate, an air-grid, a lock and a motorised opening system. Every room has an electric plant with in view and/or covered pipes, 1 spot lighting, 1 10/16A power outlet and the set-up for charging an electric vehicle.

The vehicles’ entry Is on Via Gramsci, has a motorised gate and an external paved aisle, with an automated heating cable, in order to avoid the formation of ice and melt the snow.

The lighting of the aisles and of the external areas will be obtained through the installation of several spot lightings managed by a crepuscular system and the lights of the common will come from highly efficient light sources (LED and fluorescent tubes with electric supply).

First Floor Residence Dublino

planimetria residenza dublino casa sul parco
planimetria autorimesse casa sul parco

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