Casa passiva e attiva Fidenza

Casa sul Parco

In the heart of Fidenza, surrounded by green

To live a high residential comfort, with cutting-edge technologies and stylish architecture. The features of Casa sul Parco make it an extraordinary building, an excellence toward technological and architectonic innovation. Synthesis of the search for quality in every aspect, a heroic building with zero emissions (Paris’ 2050 Road Map), high energetic performances and residential comfort. This is a eco-friendly condominium unit, built with an innovative version of the traditional materials, composed by 10 apartments, all unique and original.

A Passive and Active House, with a Multi-Comfort Protocol, that offers the best without compromises, with near-zero energetic consumption, a high level of seismic safety and that is surrounded by green, which is not simply an embellishment, but a part of the ideal living’s project. Who decides to acquire an apartment in Casa sul Parco acquires our top of the line.

Passive House Institute Italia partner Montanari Costruzioni
Active House partner Montanari Costruzioni Fidenza