Inaugurazione Palazzo Bellotti Fidenza

Palazzo Bellotti inauguration

Saturday May 11th 2013, in Piazza Duomo, Fidenza, was held the inauguration of Palazzo Bellotti and the dedication of the public gallery, inside the building, to "Luigi Montanari, master builder and founder of the enterprise in 1953."

After a musical moment by the marching band "Città di Fidenza", followed the ceremony of inauguration of the building and the disclosure of the plate entitled to Luigi Montanari.

The event ended with the architectural projections on the windows of Palazzo Bellotti, accompanied by pianist Alessandro Sgobbio's musical improvisations.

The ceremony has been witnessed by the bishop Carlo Mazza, the Mayor Mario Cantini, the Vice-Prefect Umberto Sorrentino, Carabinieri's Commander Lorenzo Caruso and Manuela Catarsi, archaeologist manager and coordinator of the Superintendence for the Archaeological Goods of the Emilia-Romagna.