Convention Saint-Gobain Habitat Riccione

Convention Saint-Gobain Habitat - Riccione

From the 22th to 23rd February 2018 the Palacongressi of Riccione has welcomed an important convention of Saint-Gobain, firm that deals with constructions but also aims to reduce the environmental impact and the energetic saving.

The buildings are the principal consumers of energy: the 75% of the energy consumed in an apartment is used only for heating and the scarce isolation is the principal cause of this waste of energy.Thanks to Saint-Gobain's innovative solutions, the energy used for the heating can be reduced of 80%.

In the new constructions and in the restructurings effected by Saint-Gobain, the main goal of the firm is to improve the wrap of the buildings through the thermal isolations of both the inside and the outside.

As for Montanari Costruzioni's "Casa sul Parco", where the high-performing glass doors try to reduce the environmental impact on the base of the exposure and of the presence of shadowings.